Voting process

by: Guest Trustee | Feb Thu 7, 2013 9:14 PM | 0 comment
Voting process

You probably will never witness this, but your Trustee or Administrator has.  Creditors sometimes vote rather strangely on consumer proposals. 

At one end of the spectrum, creditors have been known to vote to accept consumer proposals even though the Administrator recommends it be rejected.  Although this is very rare, these votes really make us question whether the creditor pays any attention at all to the Administrator's recommendation - did they even read our report on the proposal?

And then there's the creditor that votes against a consumer proposal and counters with payment terms that are really tough to meet. Gad!  I just tell myself that the creditor must know something about this file that I don't.  Hey!  We know which creditors do this rather consistently.

Well, we may never have an answer to this, but we always respect the creditor - they can vote any way they want!

Having practised in this field for a long time, your more experienced trustee knows very well which creditor(s)he needs to accept your proposal and he knows how they vote.  It pays to look for experience when you are choosing your trustee.  If some debt counsellor says all you have to do is to pay 35% of your debts back, run.  Run fast and far.  See a Licensed Insolvency Trustee for the best advice.

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